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The activities leading to these results have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr.  289159.












Kai-Uwe Schwarz,



Results expected


Results expected for stakeholders along the miscanthus value chain
As a result of this process of screening and evaluating novel germplasm, farmers across Europe and in neighbouring countries will be able to extend the area of miscanthus cultivation and to grow it on marginal farmland where it doesn't compete with food crops.

Another aim of the project is the characterization of different miscanthus accessions with regard to biomass quality and hence ability to fulfill quality standards for different uses, e.g. fuel or fibre. Recommendations will be made and decision support tools developed along a set of promising value chains, defined and developed together with farmers and partners from industry. These will provide information on the environmental performance (LCA) of specific value chains. In addition, decision support will be given for the selection and cultivation of suitable genotypes intended for different applications in different environments.  

Results from laboratory and field trials at the plot level will be complemented by guidelines developed for commercial miscanthus production based on experience of large-scale, fully-mechanized miscanthus production on commercial plots from a private farm in Great Britain. Project outcomes will lead to recommendations for breeders, growers, and manufacturers of miscanthus.

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