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The activities leading to these results have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr.  289159.

WP 1 Project Management and coordination

Lead-managed by University of Hohenheim, Germany


Work package 1 is fully dedicated to project management and coordination of activities and partners in OPTIMISC. Administrative matters, financial management, continual internal and external information and knowledge transfer and effective communication with the Commission are dealt with. WP1 is led by the University of Hohenheim/Germany (UHOH), being also in charge of the overall management and co-ordination. WP 1 is providing the functional framework for individual WPs and the manifold activities developed within and across work programs. All work package leaders contribute to the work package.


October 2013;Lincoln,UK_1


In October 2013, the yearly meeting of the consortium partners (General Assembly)
took place in Lincoln, UK (Photo: O.Kalinina).


During the meeting, project progress and first results have been discussed. Participants also had the opportunity to visit the germplasm collection and miscanthus plantations of Blankney Estate in Lincoln (Foto below). During the field visit,  team members also took the opportunity to demonstrate and to discuss issues related to the standardised field protocols, developed for evaluating miscanthus genotypes in the multi location field trial on seven sites across Europe.


October 2013,Lincoln,UK_2


OPTIMISC team members on examining the miscanthus germplasm collection at Blankeney Estate in Lincoln, UK in October 2013



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