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The activities leading to these results have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr.  289159.

WP 3 Evaluation of abiotic stress tolerance under controlled conditions

Lead-managed by Plant Research International (DLO) , Netherlands


The general objective of this work package is to identify miscanthus germplasm that demonstrates tolerance to abiotic stresses (water limitation, salinity, chilling and frost) and to dissect the traits which underpin the tolerance.

WP3 uses the information collected on methodologies and screening methods and the proposed selection criteria from the first period to evaluate a set of miscanthus genotypes for growth under low water input, saline conditions and low temperature, all under controlled conditions and some additionally under field conditions. This will enable selection of genotypes that perform well under abiotic stress and selection ofthe traits and genotypes carrying these traits that contribute to tolerance of these abiotic stresses.  

Several pilot experiments delivered information on the optimal design of abiotic stress evaluation experiments and traits contributing to stress tolerance in miscanthus. The evaluation protocols for frost, chilling, drought and salinity tolerance accommodating a high number of genotypes were developed. Several miscanthus genotypes showed cold tolerance, drought tolerance or tolerance to high salinity. In 2013, over 80 genotypes were planted as miniplots allowing a comparison between performance in the field and under controlled conditions.  

Uniform plant material for hydroponics al DLO, Wageningen, NL Hydroponic system for the assessment of salinity tolerance


Uniform plant material for hydroponics al DLO, Wageningen, NL  Hydroponic system for the assessment of salinity tolerance
The main expected results of WP3 will be the identification and description of traits that contribute to abiotic stress tolerance in miscanthus. The genetic diversity of abiotic stress tolerance in a broad set of miscanthus genotypes will be assessed. Genotypes with favourable tolerance to abiotic stresses will be selected and made available for breeders and customers along the value chain.


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