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The activities leading to these results have received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Program (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr.  289159.

WP 8 Dissemination of results including knowledge and technology transfer for commercialization

Lead-managed by Agentur ANNA, Germany


The aim of OPTIMISC´s dissemination activities is to create the floor for large scale miscanthus production and use by effectively communicating and disseminating the results of the project to stakeholders along the miscanthus value chains and by strengthening the participation and communication of industry, in particular SMEs. Through the dissemination activities initiated, information on the project, project outcomes and recommendations for specific user groups are communicated to a wide range of stakeholders. Over thirty dissemination activities by OPTIMISC team members took place and were documented in 2012-2013.
Dissemination is a continuous activity. Several newsletters were released and OPTIMISC’s web contents are updated on a regular basis. Over 30 dissemination activities were directed at all stakeholder levels via personal communication channels and by means of mass communication in 2012-2013. 12 conference speeches were given and two posters presented at stakeholder symposia. Two articles were published in scientific journals and interested parties were informed at exhibitions and field days on five dates.
As a result of the dissemination work, project outcomes are communicated to relevant actors along the miscanthus value chains. Publications and appearances at national and international events as well as linking of OPTIMISC’s information platform with the International Miscanthus Association website will strengthen the participation of SMEs and industry. The continued provision of context information on resources and contacts is supposed to encourage the implementation of results and improve the networking among researchers, producers and SMEs and increase the socio-economic impact of the project.


Tarakanov Maxima

OPTIMISC dissemination activities: (a) Dr. I.Tarakanov from the Russian State Agrarian University (RSAU) Moscow presenting the work of OPTIMISC at the 7th EPSO conference in Porto Heli, Greece; (b) project coordinator Prof. I. Lewandowski, presenting the project to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands in Stuttgart, Germany (photo taken from, 4.07.2013).

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